Jax and Ben Side by Side

We’re Jacqueline and Ben, two extremely curious longtime friends.

Why and how do we love?

That’s what we explore every Monday on Love Bites, speaking with authors, psychologists, artists, and niche-based experts of all kinds in a humor-filled and heart-tugging examination of love in all its glorious, bewildering complexity. Sharing personal relationship stories and studying everything out there we can, we strive to be brutally honest with ourselves and completely vulnerable with our listeners, challenging our guests to do the same.

Check out this site for upcoming guests, who we’ve played with in the past, and blog posts tackling everything from women having sex without shame, why Ben’s a proponent of psychotherapy, or what author Lisa Phillips has to say about unrequited love.

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Is it Love Bites, or Love Bites?

We’re taking it to the radio to find out.

We're smokin'... awesome. Smokin' awesome.

About Jacqueline and Ben

(Can you believe we’re still single?!)

Jacqueline Raposo writes about why humans do what they do. She’s written hundreds of profiles on hospitality folk for clients including Saveur, Extra Crispy, Plate magazine, The Village Voice, Tasting Table, Town & Country, and Serious Eats. Now and then, she writes about living with a chronic illness for clients including Cosmopolitan, Elle, and BlogHer, and blogs about dating for Heritage on the Huffington Post. She’s also the Editor of the upcoming online magazine, Wonderment and Co., and exploring the abstinence of habit at My Year of Abstinence. Jacqueline has a thing for raw oysters and crisp white wine, hot whiskey by the fire, and manly feminists.

Ben Rosenblatt is an actor, writer, and musician. A lover of all cuisines, fine and otherwise, he’s also worked in the food service industry on and off for over 15 years to support his creative habits. From wine bars to cafes to pizza joints to cruise ships and 50s style diners, Ben has served food and drink in just about every environment imaginable. These are the amazing opportunities his Master’s degree in acting from Brandeis University affords him! When it comes to dating, Ben is most attracted to confident geniuses. After one year of Love Bites, he was lucky enough to find a genius with just enough stupidity to fall in love with him.