Our Tunes

We are so damned lucky to know insanely talented musicians. And generous ones at that.

And because it’s so hard to nail down one song that embodies what we try to cover on Love Bites, we’re changing it up every season.

Have a tune we should consider for the future? Drop us a line.


Season Three

artwork by Elizabeth West
artwork by Elizabeth West

Josh Dion‘s GIVE LOVE!

We both fell hard for Josh‘s deliciously expressive vocals (smooth like honey, ladies, and then wild and raucous as hell) way back when we first moved to NYC, dancing our hearts out to the Josh Dion Band all over town. He’s also one of the sickest drummers you’ll ever be stunned by if you get to see him perform live. Now he’s touring as Paris Monster, and you should get thee to his pages now!

Listen to it HERE, check out Josh at Paris Monster, chat him up on Twitter, and buy all his stuff on   iTunes.

Season Two

You Better You Bet by Robbie Gil

If there could be only one singer soundtracking Jacqueline’s life, Robbe Gil would be that crooner. His songs involve heartache, longing, struggle, love, and triumph. He can take you from a breakup through to an exciting first date. He can nail a Who song, and then make you cry with a ballad. Several of his songs are on our playlists for heartache and heartbreak. One of his many stunning originals, Big Picture, should be an anthem.

And we’re both so lucky to call Robbie friend.

Find Robbie at www.robbiegil.com, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Then buy everything he’s ever recorded on iTunes.

Season One

Chloroform Perfume by No Denial

It was pretty badass that we got to kick off our show with co-host Ben Rosenblatt’s band No Denial as the theme song.

Check it out on YouTube, and keep tabs on the band on Facebook.