Wine and Romance with Virgola’s Joseph Marazzo

photo courtesy Brent Herrig


Virgola owner, Joseph Marazzo, is taking over the city with his super sexy, intimate wine and oyster bars. On the very first episode of Love Bites, hosts Jacqueline Raposo and Ben Rosenblatt are talking with him about scandalous romances in his bar, plus why he doesn’t kiss too close to home.  This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


About Joseph Marazzo

To enter Joseph Marazzo’s wine bar, Virgola, you first pass through a wrought-iron gate hung heavily with padlocks, most of them inscribed with initials and hearts and promises of unending love. The space barely opens – the converted alley is only six feet wide, with its black brick walls and blue stone floors holding fewer than seats for twenty. Long candles drip wax, the lights are low, and music hums.  And then there’s Marazzo, in a fitted black t-shirt, pouring prosecco and guiding platters of succulent raw oysters to waiting couples.

In the two years since it’s been open, Joseph’s honed and perfected the tiny space, adding a tight cocktail menu, a rotating selection of incredibly fresh raw fish, and his own Virgola-labeled prosecco and sparkling rose. He’s seen his share of bad OKCupid dates and drunken makeout sessions within his narrow walls. One of our hosts may have had a few bad OKCupid dates and awesome makeout sessions within those narrow walls. Maybe.

We’ll ask Joseph about the triumphs and failures he’s seen in his space, where the idea for this uber-romantic wine bar came about, and what he’s looking for in his own love life. Yes, this man is single, ladies.

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