Brother/Sister Duo Will and Julie Horowitz

Harry & Ida's - Photo Krista Schlueter
Photo Krista Schlueter

OCTOBER 26TH, 2015

Last week, Jacqueline published an article on Cosmopolitan about why she doesn’t want kids, and how that doesn’t make her any less of a woman or partner. So on today’s episode, we delve into how kids play into the dating scene: when do you bring up that you do or don’t want them? Would you date someone with kids? How does this change as we grow older? We pull in some thoughts from readers and listeners, too.

Then we’re joined by Will and Julie Horowitz, the chef/manager – brother/sister team behind New York’s Ducks Eatery and Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co., which has recently taken the city by storm with their pastrami and insane smoked and fermented meat-fish-veg menu. How do they survive working together when they’re closer than a chef and manager might ever be otherwise? How does dating a coworker work when your sibling is already around? Find out on this week’s episode.



After the episode, Ben and I lamented that we never established that we have nothing but love and awestruck respect for parents out there. We love children (as we expressed), but we didn’t give parents their fair share of applause, too. We wholeheartedly applaud you. We see how hard parenthood is, and how much you sacrifice to raise the next generation of awesome humans. So, thanks for that. This episode was about getting to express what people who don’t want children very rarely get to express, and how that plays overall into dating, love, romance and commitment. So please keep that in mind when you take a listen.

Oh, and to the soccer moms out there: my mom was a soccer mom, she’s the best woman I know, and soccer’s my favorite sport. Thanks for being loving and supportive enough to slice all those oranges, wash all those jerseys, and spend your Saturdays on an outdoor field no matter the weather.  – Jacqueline

About Will and Julie Horowitz

If you’re a particularly hungry eater and you frequent NYC’s East Village, chances are you’ve stopped at Duck’s Eatery on 12th Street. Shrimp chips, bone marrow, duck jerky, crawfish nights, brisket nights, and a smoked goat’s neck (that was once a special and was so special it had to become a nightly thing) await you there. If you’re an eater-and-reader in the know, you’ve probably heard about Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co., a relatively new deli nearby on Avenue A, with brisket and pickles and smoked things and weird ingredients from around the world that are making food reviewers talk all romantic and swoony.

Both joints are helmed by the brother-sister / chef-manager team Will and Julie Horowitz. They returned to New York from remote islands to continue a hospitality tradition begun by their great-grandparents, Harry and Ida, who owned a kosher Jewish deli in Harlem decades ago. For two siblings barely on both sides of thirty (Will’s 32, Julie 29), they’ve lived delicious and creative lives.

Photo used with permission by Krista Schlueter for the NY Times 

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