The “This Is Why You’re Single” ladies and Co-Host Chef Daniel Holzman!

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Pondering why you’re single? Well, you could peruse the Self Help section of Barnes and Noble (if you can find one still standing), spending your hard-earned dough on stacks of weepy books about how you’ve gotta Get Out There, Girl! or why life is really better without a spouse. Or you could laugh it off. Which is what Angela Spera and Laura Lane want you to do by seeing their sketch show, reading their book, or listening to their podcast. So this week, we’ve got the THIS IS WHY YOU’RE SINGLE team on to chat about how neither of them is single, what they’ve learned from their quickly-growing empire, and how they use humor to get where others dare not tread.

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But before we even get into that, Jacqueline mourns Ben’s absence with sexy single guest co-host, Daniel Holzman, the chef/owner of the Meatball Shops in NYC. What have they learned about why they’re single from reading Laura and Angela’s book? Is it because they date within the food industry–or don’t?! Is it because they have sex too soon, are too picky, or are just too awesome for the current  mid-thirty-something dating pool?


Meet Laura Lane and Angela Spera.

Angela, Laura author photo, RBG

This Is Why You’re Single is a sketch show, an iTunes top 10 comedy podcast, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and highly-acclaimed book by Laura Lane and Angela Spera.

The duo’s comedy sketch show, inspired by real-life dating adventures and disasters, debuted in October 2013 with sold-out shows at the Peoples Improv Theater and Under Saint Marks Theater. Each sketch centers around a different “reason” you are single by following the elaborate imaginations of characters as they deal with dating in the complicated new media age. The show exaggerates reality with the occasional genre-bending scene and absurd dream sequence to explore the insecurities and misconceptions of modern dating.

This Is Why You’re Single‘s podcast launched in August 2015 with Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld’s HeadGum network. It has repeatedly hit the iTunes top 10 comedy podcast rankings. The book This Is Why You’re Single was released December 8, 2015 with Adams Media. It will be available as an audiobook through Audible in early 2016.

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Meet Chef Daniel Holzman


Daniel started his cooking career at the age of 15 at Le Bernardin in New York City and remained there for 4 years until, at the suggestion of chef Eric Ripert, he attended the Culinary Institute of America with a full scholarship from the James Beard Foundation. Prior to graduation, Daniel accepted a position at the soon-to-open Palladin in New York City under chef Jean-Louis Palladin and worked alongside such culinary notables as Wylie Dufresne and Sam Mason. Six months later, Jean-Louis asked Daniel if he would be willing to move to Las Vegas, NV, to fill a vacancy at his flagship restaurant, Napa, in the Rio Hotel. Accepting the offer, Daniel began what would ultimately become a 10-year culinary journey through some of the West Coast’s finest restaurants including The Campton Place, The Fifth Floor, Aqua and Jardinière. Daniel stepped into his first management role as chef of the organic bistro, Axe, in Venice, Los Angeles. After a year at Axe, Daniel accepted the position of executive chef at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, a 250-seat restaurant in the Topanga hills.

In 2010, Daniel returned to his hometown of New York City to team up with his childhood friend Michael Chernow and debut The Meatball Shop in New York City’s Lower East Side. The mix-and-match menu of meatballs, served in a warm and convivial environment, was an instant hit.  Four more locations of The Meatball Shop—in Williamsburg, the West Village, Chelsea and the Upper East Side—opened in quick succession. Daniel also co-authored The Meatball Shop Cookbook, which was published to much acclaim in 2011.

Daniel has appeared in countless broadcast segments including ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s TODAY Show, Chelsea Lately, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz. Additionally, he has been featured in an array of widely reaching local and national publications such as The New York Times, Food & Wine, Saveur, People,Food Network Magazine and GQ.

AND he put a gluten-free meatball on his restaurants’ menus after working with Jax on a feature for the gluten-free magazine, Easy Eats. So you know he’s good people. And he’s single, ladies!

Find Daniel at the Meatball Shops, on Twitter and Instagram!



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