Food and Books and Ladies, Oh My!

Amanda and Kimberly
Amanda and Kimberly of the Food Book Fair


Food is sexy. Books are sexy. So a fair about food and books? Super sexy.

Food is sexy. Books are sexy. So a fair about food and books? Super sexy. On this week’s show, Jacqueline and Ben go old-school Love Bites, reconnecting on their past month of insanity with Jacqueline’s dating conundrums (break-offs and flirting and abstinence, oh my!) and Ben’s having gone off to Paris to perform in a surrealist play in Yiddish… which he doesn’t really speak.

Then they’re joined by Amanda Dell and Kimberly Chou, the directors of the Food Book Fair coming up May 1st and 2nd in New York City. They’ll dish on the challenges and triumphs of pulling off such a gigantic feat, how it affects their single-and-dating lives, and maybe a few rounds of never-have-I-ever will be introduced to the show.

Plus! The team gets giddy on the 2013 “Alemannia” Trosseau Gris from Lush Wine and Spirits owner and Chateau Nomad winemaker Mitch Einhorn. Never heard of a Trosseaus Gris before? Yeah, neither had we. But it’s from a small California vineyard and promises a sleek mouthfeel with notes of melon and dried straw flavors. So, yum.



About Kimberly and Amanda

Kimberly Chou and Amanda Dell are the directors of Food Book Fair — a festival dubbed “the Coachella of writing about food” (LA Weekly) and “Food Geek Heaven” (KCRW) — returning May 1st and 2nd for the fifth annual year at the Wythe Hotel.

A reformed journalist, Kim worked at The Wall Street Journal and before turning to a professional life in and around food. Along the way, she has also fact-checked, art modeled, styled fashion shoots, catered gallery lunch, trained as a barista, and once performed in a corps of untrained dancers in the Whitney Biennial.

Amanda is a native New Yorker with over a decade of high-end hospitality, public relations/marketing and event experience. Her past life in restaurants has seen her guarding the guest book at such establishments as Gramercy Tavern (where she was interviewed for Grub Street’s front-of-house feature on just that) and Maialino. An avid boot collector, she loves a good negroni on the rocks.

Find the Food Book Fair on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

About the 2013 Alemannia Trousseau Gris

Chateau Nomad is the passion project from Chicago-based wine aficionado and proprietor Mitch Einhorn. As a restaurateur, wine retailer, chef, and winemaker, Einhorn has been in the industry for decades, owning and operating Lush Wine & Spirits, the celebrated shop with two locations in Chicago, for ten years. Einhorn’s overarching dream is to have his very own vineyard, but as a Chicago-based business owner with his hands in a multitude of projects, he opted to form a partnership in 2010 with long-time friend and winemaker Scott Klann of Newsome-Harlow winery (Murphys, CA) and the Chateau Nomad label was born. Together they created a roadmap to live out Einhorn’s winemaking dream, producing beautiful, novel wines.

“We wanted to try to make things no one else was making,” says Einhorn. “The newest releases from Chateau Nomad are exciting and neoteric, showcasing California wines with global perspective.”

The 2013 “The Alemannia” Trousseau Gris full-bodied ”white” is technically a “gris” or grey grape, a mutation from the red Trousseau varietal. This wine displays a silvery straw-colored robe with a bright, and subtle fruit bouquet. The Alemannia,100% Trousseau Gris grown on a small vineyard in California is richly textured with a sleek mouthfeel; melon and dried straw flavors round out a lingering finish. ($25)



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