Pistons and Pasties with Velvetina Taylor

October 31st!

“Timing isn’t everything, but it sure as hell is a lot.”

We’ve debated variations of that sentence often over the last year, questioning its weight as a dating cliche and the effect it’s had on our relationships woes. Today, we discuss how it’s woven its way into Jax’s current dating mire: basically, how when you’re dating three men, life is all about timing, for the good and the bad of it. She’s got some explaining to do, and some decisions to make.

Then we’re joined by burlesque dancer Velvetina Taylor, who talks to us about the spicy world of seduction. How did she fall into the romance of the field, how does she keep herself safe within it, and what can she teach us about how to tease and seduce in our own intimate little worlds?


About Velvetina Taylor

Velvetina Taylor is a burlesque performer, producer, host and motorcycle enthusiast based in New York City. She produces her own monthly show, Velvetina’s Vixens, in Manhattan and has just returned from her month-long Pistons and Pasties burlesque tour on the back of her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Find her at www.velvetinataylor.com and on Facebook and Instagram.

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