Food, The Brain, and Happiness! With Dr. Leslie Korn!

A Love Bites Radio Special

Monday, November 20th at 4pm ET

In this season of love, thanks, giving, and reflection, we wonder: Will impending holiday eats help or hinder our health and happiness? How does what we eat affect our brain’s relaying of joys and frustrations? How does food best support our brain health, so that in turn we can best love ourselves and others?

In this Love Bites Special (’cause we’re still taking a season break, hi!), Jacqueline interviews Dr. Leslie Korn, an integrative medicine doctor whose latest book, The Good Mood Kitchen, explores the simple recipes and nutrition tips that best clear our neuropathways and help us eat happier!

Can food help us correct trauma holding us back? Can a pair of blue-light glasses connect us to the natural circadian rhythms of nature? Join us Monday, November 20th at 4pm on Heritage Radio Network (and after anytime on iTunes and Stitcher!) for gentle guidance on how to bring health and happiness into modern life.

About Dr. Leslie Korn


Dr. Leslie Korn is an integrative medicine doctor who specializes in mind body medicine and mental health nutrition. She trained at Harvard Medical School and in the jungle of Mexico where she worked for over 25 years alongside healers, exploring culinary and herbal delights. She is the author of 7 books including her latest, The Good Mood Kitchen.

Find her at, on Amazon, on Psychology Today, on LinkedIn, on Academia, and on Research Gate.

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