Pastries and Babies with Chef Lauren Resler



On today’s show, Jacqueline and Ben talk confidence. How do you own it on a first date? In a relationship? Where is the line between confidence and ego? And is “owning yourself” enough? Then they’re joined by Lauren Resler, the pastry chef of Empellon restaurant and the mothers to 9-month old Jaxon Alexander Stupak, the #TacoPrince! She dishes about the challenges of motherhood in the industry, and how it’s a little different for women than men. Listen up, ladies.


About Lauren Resler

Lauren Resler is the pastry chef for New York restaurants Empellon Taqueria, Empellon Cocina and Empellon Al Pastor. She runs them with her husband, Chef Alex Stupak, whom she met while working in Boston years ago. They’re an enigmatic pair: Stupak is very, very serious; Resler is love and light. Stupak creates food that challenges the minds of the general public and the followers that wish they were him; Resler wants to make things that “sparkle”. But they share a deep connection with food, a professionalism to be admired, and a devotion to each other that is apparent in how they speak about and treat each other. Oh, and a baby! 9 months ago, Resler gave birth to their first child, Jaxon, the #TacoPrince!


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