Erin Fairbanks Talks Really Hard Relationships

Heritage Radio's Erin Fairbanks


We’re all for crazy love. The kind that kisses and consumes you. The kind the flames quickly and dies, and the kind that burns on embers indefinitely. There is no right kind of way to love (well, stalking and dangerous stuff aside, of course). Loving is loving, and we wanna hear stories of it in all forms.

Which is why we’ve asked Heritage Radio’s own Erin Fairbanks to join us on the show. Erin once shared a story with us of discovering a boyfriend’s insanely dark, hidden secret… and staying with him anyway. Longer than her loved ones wanted her to. We don’t want to give away too much. So let’s just say the story will be juicy, and we’ll all learn a bit from her trials and tribulations.



About Erin Fairbanks

In 2005, Erin left the Midwest and her post at Zingerman’s Deli to try her hand at being a line-cook in New York City. She walked into the kitchen of Savoy offering to peel carrots and didn’t leave for two years. Next, she spent time at Gramercy Tavern, initiating their in-house charcuterie program. Then following her passion for pigs she moved north where she spent a year at Flying Pigs Farm, where she directed “Farm Camp at Flying Pigs Farm”. In 2011, she launched “No Goat Left Behind,” a national project of Heritage Foods USA. After completing her graduate degree in Urban Policy Analysis at The New School for Public Engagement she joined the HeritageRadioNetwork.Org team as Executive Director in the Spring of 2012.

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