Love Bites – San Antonio Edition!

June 13th

Yeehaw for Texas!

Today is our first Love Bites on the Road show! Jacqueline recently traveled to San Antonio for the Culinaria festival, asking folks in food and drink at restaurants, bars, wineries, boutique hotels, and the barbecue and Grand Tasting events at Culinaria how they love and eat well in Texas. She picked brains about first dates, what people are looking for in their love lives, how they seduce through food, and what their favorite date restaurants are in the city they adore so.

She discovered that love bites a little differently in Texas than it does in good ol’ NYC. So after having spent the day downing pork and brisket at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party in Madison Square Park this past Saturday, Jacqueline and Ben sat together to discuss what she learned, and how her findings apply to their own dating scenarios. Have a listen to our first podcasty-cut show. And thanks to the team at Culinaria, the folks at La Cantera Resort and Spa, and the 13 pit masters and their teams who brought the best barbecue the country has to offer to the city we still love to call home.


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