Living IRL and Food & The City author Ina Yalof

June 20th

We’re on a food-obsessed radio station, with shows solely focused on cheese, farming, Japanese food, hospitality, food tech, school food programs… you name it. We take a slightly broader approach on Love Bites, focusing on a breadth of relationships in the food field:  between our minds and how we feed our bodies, between diners and restaurant staff, and between what we’re cooking and where it came from etc..

On today’s show, we welcome author Ina Yalof, whose recently-released Food & The City collects first-hand stories from chefs, purveyors, and street vendors, whittling them down into first-person narrative. How did the journalist — who has no inside relation to the hospitality field — get inside the heads of her subjects? What was her learning curve like? What was her greatest takeaway? And does she wish her foodie husband, who passed away six years ago, could most experience through it now?

But before we even get to that, Jacqueline shares why she’s embarking on a 40-day social media cleanse, starting tomorrow! That’s right – no Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or dating sites like OKCupid, Bumble or Tinder. She’s out. Why? Listen to the show to find out, or read her Huffington Post piece for Heritage.


About Ina Yalof

Ina Yalof has been writing books and articles about such diverse subjects as medicine, science, religion, and happiness for more than thirty years. Her books include the widely acclaimed oral history Life and Death: The Story of a Hospital, What It Means to Be Jewish, How I Write (coauthored with Janet Evanovich), and What Happy Women Know. Yalof’s articles have appeared in numerous national publications, including GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and New York magazine. She lives and eats in New York City.

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