Honing Romantic Intuition with Iris Higgins

July 18th

Does “love at first sight” exist?

If we break it down to bits and pieces, “love at first sight” is a combination of sexual attraction (hormones), curiosity and the elusive “intuition”, right? It can be our best friend… or our fiercest enemy. It can guide us to real, lasting, life-changing love… or to seeking out bottles of whisky and pints of ice cream in our heartbroken despair.

On today’s show, we discuss how intuition has served us romantically in the past. Then we’re joined by Iris Higgins, a hypnotherapist and life coach who founded the online retreat center, The Goldilocks Movement, to help guide women into discovering the most creative and intuitive selves. What happened in her own life that had Iris changing careers not once, but twice, as she discovered how to craft a life just perfect for her? What methods does she employ and suggest for others that can have us living more intuitively, more positively, and more authentically? And how can this help us when dealing with romantic partners? Have a listen.

LISTEN LIVE at 4pm EST on Heritage Radio Network

About Iris HigginsView More: http://michelleburkephotography.pass.us/iris-higgins

Iris Higgins, MA is a certified hypnotherapist and the creator of The Goldilocks Movement, a virtual retreat where she teaches women to embrace their creativity and hone their intuition. She learned to follow her intuition by doing the opposite. For years, she ignored what her inner wisdom was telling her, and it affected her mental and physical health. After years of depression and mysterious headaches and fatigue, she decided to make a commitment to following her instincts and embracing the unknown. Now headache free and full of energy, she continues to happily embrace the unknown while living with her boyfriend and their young son in Prescott, AZ.

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