What’s Up (or down) With Our Libido?! We Ask Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg


It happens. We age. We go through an illness. Or a heartbreak. One day, our bodies are craving “I NEED SEX!” with such force that we can barely think of anything else. But something happens – or nothing happens – and we couldn’t get in on if our top-of-the-list celebrity were standing in front of us in nothing but their knickers and a smile.

What is up with that?

On today’s show, we spill on some personal wins, with Ben being in a relationship and Jacqueline deciding to extend her social media / dating app cleanse for another fifty days. Then we’re joined by Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, who spells out why some of us (cough, Jacqueline) get really frisky in the hotter summer months, why lack of libido can affect any of us at any time, and how we can start a conversation with our doctors about what we’re thinking and feeling regarding a drastic change in sex drive.


About Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg

Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg wanted to be the next Joan Rivers. Instead, she turned her love of friendly communication and humor to the field of medicine. Believing that separating the psychological from the physical does patients a disservice, she intertwines cognitive behavioral therapy and psychology with treatment for women working through postpartum depression, infertility, cancer, and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Kingsberg is the chief of the Division of Behavioral Medicine Department of OB/GYN at University Hospital’s Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

You can find her at University Hospitals and on Twitter.

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