Textual Healing! with Jen Jamula and Allison Goldberg of the No Text Weekend

September 19th

Where’s the romance in a Snapchat? The thrill in an email? When the conversation moves from online dating to texting, how much do flirty digital conversations represent how we’re gonna interact in the flesh? And when we’re on a dinner date and our potential lover’s fingers are talking to someone else, how hot and bothered can we really get?

On today’s show, Ben is joined in the studio by Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula, the founders of the theatre troupe Blogologues and the No Text Weekend, which hits the real world September 23rd – 25th. We discuss what annoys us the most about how relationships are carried out via text, if the way we text represents the respect we have for the person on the other end of the line, and if it was a personal or professional drive that inspired the ladies to organize a massive event of events and texting abstinence. Can we put down our phone for 30 minutes and converse IRL? Tune in and find out.


About the No Text Weekend

No Text Weekend Logo

No Text Weekend is a movement designed to prompt people to think about the ways that they are communicating, and when it might make sense to bring back the original FaceTime: talking. It is brought to you by the creators of Blogologues, an NYC­-based sketch comedy show that performs text from the internet and social media live onstage, but re­imagined with unexpected characters and scenarios. Take the pledge to talk instead of text here.

About Jen and Allison

Jen and Allison

Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula are co-creators of the sketch comedy show Blogologues, in which they perform text from the internet and social media verbatim and live onstage with wildly re-imagined characters and scenarios. The show has been featured in VICE, Newsweek, The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post and more. In 2014, the duo was featured on the cover of Time Out NY and ranked among “the top 10 funniest women in NYC.” Jen and Alli are Creative Consultants to Randi Zuckerberg, have produced content for brands including The Guardian, Mashable, and The Daily Dot, and speak and perform at conferences nationwide. Through their company GoldJam Creative, they teach communications workshops tackling creativity in the workplace, presentation skills, storytelling, pitching and more, for companies including Buzzfeed, Squarespace, NBC, and others. They are fascinated by how new media is changing our society, and look forward to putting down their phones. The duo met at Yale.

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