Ground Control to Major Love!

October 10th

Enough of dating apps that show you images of potential heartthrobs. What if there were a program that could help you calculate where, when, and how you’re most likely to find love? There is. Almost. Sort of. It’s getting close, that is.

On today’s show, Ben and Jacqueline grapple with their current dating woes, which right now are at opposite ends of the dating spectrum: B’s in the throws of serious-relationship-ville which comes with mutual respect and trust and all that jazz so he can’t really talk about it on the radio as much as he did when we started this show, whereas J is single and frisky and dreaming of a deep emotional connection with the man she hasn’t met yet, but can do shit about it because she hasn’t been feeling well enough to date in a really stupid long time. How can we host a radio show about dating and love when our dating lives are a bit less exciting now? Harumph!

Then we’re joined by Rashied Amini, the founder and engineer behind Nanaya, a program where you plug in a bunch of info about yourself and your life, and then the same kind of algorithm that predict lunar habitation module success spits out where in the world you’ll most likely find your mate, in which social or work circles you’ll have a better chance of finding him/her, and how old you’ll most likely be when you settle down. Does the algorithm work? Does Amini apply it to his own life? Does he think we should be applying more head and less heart to our search for love? And will this help J and B with their current dating conundrums?


About Nanaya


Nanaya helps you make life’s hardest decisions and empowers you to change your future  with the power of science and big data.

Nanaya is a personality test to scientifically predict the future of your love life and report personalized data to help you build romantic and social ties. Nanaya predicts the chances of finding love, what you can do to improve it, and much more with a short, user-adaptive questionnaire and personality test. Nanaya isn’t astrology. Nanaya was developed with the same technology used to optimize moon base design. Nanaya isn’t online dating. Nanaya is here to empower you to live your own life, not to live a life you are unhappy with.

Nanaya is currently only $4.99. Join now to receive perks while they last! With every user who tries Nanaya, the algorithm becomes more accurate and additional features will be enabled.

About Rashied Amini


Rashied Amini is a NASA JPL systems engineer specializing in space mission architecture and recent graduate student of physics from Washington University in St Louis, where his dissertation was on developing new models for atmospheric radiation. He has been responsible for costing scenarios for Lunar and Martian base building for the Constellation Program and forecasting NASA’s demand for nuclear fuel for use in space nuclear power systems. Results of his work have been presented in Congress, the Augustine Commission, and in WIRED magazine. He has completed successful projects in the fields of computer science, astrophysics, space mission operations, space mission design, and planetary science.


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