Endings #3: Breaking Up is Hard To Do, with Sari Kamin

March 13th

“When at the age of 31-yrs old my boyfriend of five years broke up with me I was deeply heartbroken but also stunned that I was no longer on the path of getting engaged, getting married, and having children by the age of 35. That was the course that I had seen so clearly unfold in my head, and when I vocalized this desire to him it was then that our relationship began to systematically implode.”

– Sari Kamin on Medium

On today’s show, we discuss a specific kind of ending: the breakup that hurts in a way you didn’t think possible. The kind that changes the way you look at love. That sets you on a path you never wanted to walk. Writer and Heritage Radio host Sari Kamin joins to share her story.

About Sari Kamin

Sari Kamin

Sari Kamin is a food writer with a strong interest in the foodways of other cultures. Her writing has appeared in Saveur, Food52, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Food, Food & Wine, and Edible Brooklyn among others. Sari was a researcher and writer for the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, the first World’s Fair with the theme of food and sustainability.  She is the creator of the website, Honey and Schmaltz, which is an online collection of recipes and food memories from prominent Jewish food professionals. Sari was the first food news reporter for Heritage Radio Network and co-hosted the show, The Morning After from 2013-2016. Her new show on Heritage Radio, Food Without Borders, debuts this spring. She holds a Masters Degree in Food Studies from New York University.


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