Moderating Meat, with the Reducetarian’s Brian Kateman!

According to Brian Kateman, if every American reduced their intake of meat and fish by 10%, huge gains would be made in personal and global health. So how do we moderate our consumption, and why should we?

On today’s show — the second in our series studying Moderation — we discuss why it’s so hard to not go whole-hog with certain foods overall. Then we dig into Kateman’s work with Reducetarianism and his new book, The Reducetarian Solution [Tarcher Pedigree]. How do the essay contributors see this reduction as playing out in religion, politics, and science? How do the most productive conversations come about in regards to this kind of moderation? And can just tightening by 10% really help ourselves and the planet?

About Brian Kateman

Brian Kateman is the co-founder and president of the Reducetarian Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing meat consumption to create a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate world. A TEDx speaker and leading expert on food systems and behavioral change, he has appeared in hundreds of media outlets including Reuters, Wired, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, National Geographic, and The Atlantic. Kateman is an instructor in the Executive Education Program at the Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability at Columbia University. He lives in New York City, NY.

Learn more at, and find Brian on Facebook and Twitter.

About The Reducetarian Solution

The Reducetarian Solution

Brian Kateman coined the term “Reducetarian”—a person who is deliberately reducing his or her consumption of meat—and a global movement was born. In The Reducetarian Solution [Tarcher Pedigree], Kateman, the founder of the Reducetarian Foundation, presents more than 70 original essays from influential thinkers on how the simple act of cutting 10% or more of the meat from one’s diet can transform the life of the reader, animals, and the planet. This book features contributions from such luminaries as Seth Godin, Victoria Moran, Joel Fuhrman, Jeffrey Sachs, Bill McKibben, Naomi Oreskes, Peter Singer, and others. With over 40 vegan, vegetarian, and “less meat” recipes from bestselling cookbook author Pat Crocker, as well as tons of practical tips for reducing the meat in your diet (for example, skip eating meat with dinner if you ate it with lunch; replace your favorite egg omelet with a tofu scramble; choose a veggie burrito instead of a beef burrito; declare a meatless day of the week), The Reducetarian Solution is a life—not to mention planet!—saving book.

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