Losing My Religion, with Aimee DeLong (New Beginnings #2)

May 15th

What happens after you realize you were born into a system that you don’t believe in?

How do you discover what you really think? How do you escape from all you’ve ever known? How do you find the confidence to express the new person you want to become? Where do you find a creative outlet, and how do you find new people to fill your life when old relationships are forcefully shed?

On the second episode of our New Beginnings series, writer Aimee DeLong shares how moving to New York helped her break from the Fundamentalist Christian “cult” she grew up in so that she could become the genuine intellectual artist she is now.

About Aimee DeLong

Aimee DeLong1

Aimee DeLong is a writer, actress and performance artist, living in Brooklyn. She enjoys themes of simulacra, spectacle, entitlement, and the blurry line between the sacred and the sinful. Her fiction, reviews, and interviews have been published in such places as The Rumpus, 3 AM Magazine, Pulp Metal Magazine, and Nikki Fink’s Hollywood Dementia as well as in Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks, from Soft Skull Press. For more check out www.aimeedelong.com

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