Is This Home? with Julia Bainbridge (New Beginnings #3)

Packing up and moving to a whole new life. Tempting, huh? Mobility glimmers on the horizon and everything you know — home, friendships, work —  await reinvention. But what realities play out when embracing relocation?

In our third episode exploring New Beginnings, Julia Bainbridge shares what happened when she moved from New York to Atlanta. What rituals did she invoke to help find closure, what did she enthusiastically leave behind, and how has she explored her new home? Is being a single thirty-something woman all that different now? How has her New Beginning affected her feeling lonely — the subject she tackles in her Lonely Hour podcast?

We collectively discuss how to say goodbye to home, and then dig in.

About Julia Bainbridge

Julia Bainbridge -- photo by Amelia Tubb for Bourbon and Gloss
Photos by Amelia Tubb, courtesy Bourbon and Gloss

Julia Bainbridge is the food editor of Atlanta magazine and a James Beard Award–nominated writer. Formerly an editor at Yahoo Food and Bon Appétit, she has also worked at Condé Nast Traveler and Food & Wine, and her writing has appeared in Playboy, Organic Life, Jarry, Brutal, Bake, Paper, Man Repeller, and Food52, where she was the online publication’s first writer in residence. She’s also the host and creator of The Lonely Hour, a podcast about loneliness that’s not a bummer.

Find Julia on Twitter and Instagram.

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