From Kosher to a Ham, with Eli Rosen (New Beginnings #5)

June 5th

A career change can be a difficult thing, especially when leaving behind the financial security of life as an attorney for the uncertainty and instability of life as an artist. But what if you were also leaving behind your marriage, family, and the community you were indoctrinated into all at the same time, shedding an entire belief system and way of life for a new one? How might this hinder your career change? How might it fuel you as an artist?

Former ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jew-turned actor Eli Rosen reveals his story of how repression, longing, and guilt brought him to ultimate freedom… at a cost.

About Eli Rosen

Born into and raised in the Hasidic community of BoroPark in Brooklyn, NY, Eli Rosen attended rabbinical school and served as a cantor and assistant rabbi, before moving on to a career in commercial litigation.  Now a recovering attorney, Eli is pursuing his lifelong passion in the dramatic and performing arts. Since his professional theater debut in New Yiddish Rep’s smash Off-Broadway hit God of Vengeance, Eli spends most of his time translating classic plays into Yiddish and producing and rehearsing for upcoming shows.

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