To Date Or Not To Date (Other Actors): Me & You with Ben and Deanna!

July 24th

“I don’t date other actors.”

That’s the hard-and-fast rule of many thespians, who find their careers, artistic, and personal lives so difficult to manage that the idea of merging with someone else with the same struggles sounds like a terrible nightmare. Today, co-host Ben Rosenblatt invites his girlfriend, actress Deanna McGovern, onto the show to share their joys and challenges in defying this conventional wisdom in the fourth of our Me & You series.

About Deanna McGovern

Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Deanna McGovern has been a working actor in NYC for more than a decade. Her performances have graced stages in New York and all throughout the country at the many of the nation’s most reputable regional theatres. In addition, Deanna’s voiceover work has been heard on television and radio, for clients such as Weight Watchers, Yuengling, Audible, and many pharmaceutical drugs with too many side effects to list. She’s a proud member of Actors Equity.

Find Deanna on Instagram.

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