For the Love of Food (Media): Me & You with Jax and Max!

July 31st

“Two food perspectives, both alike in dignity, in fair New York City where we lay our scene…*”

On today’s show, Saveur Senior Digital Editor Max Falkowitz and freelance food writer and your co-host Jacqueline dig into their varying experiences. How does Max’s analytical curiosity contrast Jaqueline’s emotional? How does his experience as an editor on a masthead contrast her constant freelancing bylines? And how do they combine those experiences together to best execute one piece after another?

The final episode of our Me & You series before we wrap with a show on takeaways, this might just be the most foodie-focused Love Bites Radio to date. Tune in.

*Play on the prologue to Romeo & Juliet. You should know that.

About Max Falkowitz

Goat Max Falkowitz

Max Falkowitz is the executive digital editor of Saveur and the co-author of the Dumpling Galaxy cookbook. Find him on Twitter and at Saveur.

Producer’s note: Max is too humble. He is also the ice cream whisperer and his tea knowledge (and generosity) surpasses all who’ve come into my world before him. He’s the best hands-on editor I’ve ever had. He’s a super-smart writer himself. And a stellar friend. 

Producer’s second note: Max is not a goat. He’s a human with a sense of humor.

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