What 82 Episodes Have Taught Us About Love

August 7th

As we wrap our Summer Season and take a station vacation, we’re reflecting on two years (!) of Love Bites Radio and the conversations that have stuck with us. We’ve played with taglines — shifting from Where Dining and Dating Collide to Exploring Why and How We Love — and format, and theme. We’ve dated so many people, and gluttunously explored cuisine high and low from coast to coast.

But since we only have thirty-ish minutes to reflect, here are the four shows that we’re clipping from today — one each on love, and one on personal growth — and why they’ve stuck with us so.


EPISODE 39: Honing Our Romantic Intuition With Iris Higgins

Before Life Coach Iris Higgins joins, we discuss the overall idea of “intuition”. When has it served us well? Is intuition even a thing, or is it just a feeling? And when might working against that gut feeling actually be what we most need to do for self-improvement? This conversation stuck with Ben… listen to today’s episode to find out why.

EPISODE 33: Traveling Solo and Pushing Personal Limits with Kristin Newman!

Author Kristin Newman dated many men in her solo travels around the globe before she found the man who not only inspired her to stay home a bit, but shifted how she looked at world travel, too. In her quest for “the one”, she picked up a life lesson that lodged into Ben’s brain…


EPISODE 36: J Embarks on a Social Media Cleanse and Food & The City author Ina Yalof

There is no way Jax could have known that this chat on June 20th, 2016 would set her life on the course it did. Just over a year later, we listen back to check in on how reality blew expectation away, and to pour one out for giving shit a shot.

EPISODE 15: It’s Not You! You’re Single in Your Thirties? Enjoy It!

Two years later, Jax is still single… and happy. Happier, in fact. And while she has no regrets in the theories we’ve tested out of the dudes she’s dated in the fun of it, one particular nugget from author Sarah Eckel has stuck with her and made it easier to enjoy the ride.

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