Sacrifice and Wedding Cakes with Chef Stephen Collucci



Tune in as we get an update on Ben’s most recent date as Jacqueline plays devil’s advocate while discussing the dating euphoria versus the dating reality.  Later, Colicchio and Sons pastry chef Stephen Collucci joins in! He made his own wedding cake, and last year guided host Jacqueline with making one, too. On this episode, he shares tricks of the trade for making your special day simply sweet.


About Stephen Collucci

The pastry chef of Tom Colicchio’s Colicchio & Sons, Stephen was Jacqueline’s VERY FIRST INTERVIEWEE for her first over-two-year-running interview column on Serious Eats. In fact, he was the interview she used to pitch and land the column.

Then he proposed to his now-wife, Julie, with a transcript of Jacqueline’s interview, during which he confided he’d be proposing a few weeks later on Christmas Eve, as his father had done with his mother decades before. Yep – he handed Julie a draft of his story, she started reading it, and when she got down to the reveal he popped the question. Then he made his OWN WEDDING CAKE!

And then he helped Jacqueline make a wedding cake (out of a hotel room on an island in the Caribbean), sharing recipes and tips and answering frantic tweets when things weren’t going her way.

And finally he published a really spectacular cookbook, Glazed, Filled, Sugared and Dipped, that is warm and sweet and really friendly and something everyone should buy.

Photo of Stephen courtesy of Brent Herrig Photography

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