I Just Texted To Say I Love You! With Melissa Stanger and Shana Lebowitz

September 26th

When it comes to romantic communication, texting and online messaging can be gentle introductions into IRL conversation, or mediums in which you can royally screw another person. Some of us daters of a certain age – ahem – started this whole dating thing before cell phones were glued into our hands. Others grew up with instant communication as the norm. But how can all of us muddle through the dating world with clashing views of normalcy, etiquette, and preference when it comes to getting to know each other, digitally and in person?

On today’s show, we’re joined by Melissa Stanger, the Senior Lifestyle Editor at Revelist, and Shana Lebowitz, a Strategy Reporter at Business Insider, to discuss technology and modern romance. What do we all love and hate about texting and instant messaging? Can we get a clear picture of who someone is via how they text? What are we working towards in making sure we feel proud of our own actions? And where can we eat in NYC without the light of a dozen iPhone messing up the ambiance of our pasta and prosciutto?

Have a listen!

About Melissa Stanger

Love Bites Panelist-Mel

Melissa “Mel” Stanger is the senior lifestyle editor, focusing on sex/dating and body positivity, at Revelist, a new website for millennial women. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she previously served as the associate editor of lists and features at Business Insider. She volunteers with the elderly through the Carter Burden Center for the Aging, and with high school-aged girls through Girls Write Now. She is also an amateur home brewer. Connect with Mel on Twitter.

About Shana Lebowitz

Love Bites Panelist-Shana
Shana Lebowitz is a strategy reporter at Business Insider, where she covers the psychology of work, productivity, and interpersonal relationships. She graduated from Brandeis University, where she studied English literature and psychology and received a master’s in English and comparative literature from Columbia University. She loves baking misshapen chocolate chip cookies and discovering hidden tea shops in New York City, where she grew up and still lives. Connect with Shana on Twitter.

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