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Shit! This show’s gonna affect our dating lives.

Pretty early on, we realized that our dating lives were going to be a major focus of the show. But we didn’t quite anticipate how the show was going to affect our dating lives.
We’re pushing for full disclosure on Love Bites; being honest, vulnerable, brave and open regarding what we share with our listeners. But some of our listeners are the people we date or want to date! We’re not sure how we’re gonna navigate this in the future, but here’s where we both stand on the conflict now:

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On a Soapbox: I’m a Woman. I have sex. And I don’t apologize for it.

Every now and then, one of us will take a few minutes of the show to “get up on a soapbox”, going off for a little bit on something we really care about. The following is a lightly trimmed transcript from our show on 9/21, “Chef Sluts: Who Comes Out on Top”, where I spoke about our need to empower women to talk about sex without shame, both so that we can keep ourselves safe and so that we can enjoy the joys of sex to their fullest.

Listen to the SoapBox Segment by clicking here, or check out the full episode on Heritage Radio.

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Ben Speaks: Haunted by Endings

I began the debut episode of Love Bites this past Monday by saying:

“The sad truth is that all relationships do end. Whether it’s one date and you don’t ever talk to the person again, or you’re seeing a person for a few months or even a few years, or you are in a marriage that ends in divorce, or you’re simply weeping over the body of your dying spouse … it always ends.”

I know this to be true.

Here’s why.

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On our very first live show (!), we talked about how you know when it’s the right time to end a relationship, and what to hold out for. then we chatted up joseph marazzo, the owner of the “super-sexy” wine bar, virgola, about his insanely romantic backstory, how he needs an escape route for smooching customers, and what he’s looking for in love.

Plus, are there any rules for when to get physical? And Ben and I give out a few awards for the most horrifying things that happened in our online dating worlds this week.


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