Jacqueline Raposo

Jacqueline Speaks: “I’m Single in My Mid-Thirties. Am I Becoming a Cliche?”

Let me get some disclaimers out of the way here.

I have a very good life. I live comfortably in the city I love. I have a job that’s challenging and fulfilling. I call some of the best people in the world my friends. I have a supportive family. I’ve been loved by some very, very good men. I am living a life I cherish.

It’s also a life that I have chosen. I don’t own property. I’m not married, and I don’t have children. I rent an apartment in a non-trendy neighborhood with a woman who’s one of my favorite people and closest friends. I work from home. Simple things — being warm, taking a bath, drinking bubbly white wine, walking my dog, laughing with a friend, an incredible meal — make me truly happy.

Yet I’ve been angry, recently. And sad. Yes… I’m sad.  I’m lonely. And I’m not quite sure how I got here.

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Lauren Resler

Listen! We talk dating confidence and making pastries and BABIES with Pastry Chef Lauren Resler!

“It was already stated that there weren’t many females in the kitchen, so I already knew it was going to be slightly tough. And I had a vision of myself in a kitchen with a chef saying, “go grab some escarole from the fridge.” What if I didn’t know what that was? What if I grabbed a fish?!”

Chef Lauren Resler

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Hook Us Up

Hook Us Up!

On our last show, we talked at length about “offline dating”, since Jacqueline got caught up in a bold (and slightly wine-fueled) moment of bravada on a recent press trip and cancelled her online dating accounts. And so, for our final segment, we put a call out to listeners to HOOK US UP! Have a listen at who we are, and what we’re looking for, and then send thoughts to lovebitesradio@gmail.com!